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Cotton candy machine for large party events
Cotton Candy machines is good for up to 1 Hour & up to 100 people unless you are adding it to any package you see on line which is less. This item comes with or without a Machine operator & supplies of up to 75 people with more supplies reserved for over time or if you like to pay extra. The Machine operator may come 10 to 20 min early to do there set up.  We will not charge you for that extra time, or for the packing up.  
NOTE: The cotton candy machine, or any other machine does not come with the cart, 
We request the client may need to set up a table and to provide electricity. (Thank you)
Cotton Candy With out the Machine Operator is: $175.00, unless you have a package and you are adding it to your package. Thank you
Cotton candy machine is: $250.00 with the machine operator

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